Guided Meditations

Download or stream these guided meditations and more to play on your computer, phone, MP3 player or tablet. 

A very short mindfulness of breathing meditation for beginning students and others who find it difficult to sit still for longer periods of time or who only have a few moments to practice. 

This meditation can be done sitting on a chair or lying down on the floor or a bed (although awareness, rather than relaxation is the goal here)

Four-Minute Mindful Breathing Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

The body scan helps us become more conscious of our emotions and thoughts as they play out through sensations in the body. 

10-Minute Mindful Breathing Meditation 

Meditating for as little as 10 minutes a day has been proven 

to reduce stress and improve attention, emotional regulation 

and health. Professional athletes, leaders in the performing

arts and some of the brightest minds in the world meditate daily

in order to live happier, more balanced lives.

Heartfulness Meditation (10 minutes)

Inclining our minds toward kindness brings unexpected rewards,

both for ourselves and those around us. This practice infuses ease, 

kindness and acceptance into our daily lives, improving our health, happiness 

and relationships.

Mindful Breathing Meditation

This foundational meditation, when practiced 

consistently, leads to a steadier, more focused mind.

It can be practiced sitting on a chair or a meditation 

cushion or bench.  Please note that maintaining 

a relaxed, upright posture supports your efforts to     

mindfully attend to the breath.

Free Downloadable Meditation Timers

Meditation timers support a sustained silent practice. These timers range in length from 15 minutes to an hour and begin 

and end with the ringing of a bell.